About Us

About Us

LivesNewsstarted in October 2015 . It carries news on issues in fields like politics, crime, corruption, cricket, and Bollywood.

News Nation is a national news channel focusing on delivering pure news content to the Indian masses. News Nation keeps the New age Indian updated and ahead of others by providing them with “News they can use” .

It simplifies the complex issues of multilayered India and break them down into simple absorbable relevant facts.

Under the able leadership of experienced editors infused with fresh perspective of young talent , the channel has broken new grounds and showcased an incredible growth story. News Nation is being appreciated and accepted for its independent editorial stand and balanced presentation of news.Cutting edge technology, robust news gathering network, innovative presentation of news ingrained with the ideology of giving the viewers “cause and effect” of every story certainly makes News Nation stand out in the maze of Hindi news channels.

At a time when content costs were cut down heavily across channels and live feeds from agencies and studio chats took over news programming, News Nation decided to make itself a reporter led channel with extensive field reporting. Strategically designed programming schedules differentiate the channel from competitors it has dedicated only one hour for discussions and studio chats at 9 PM while other time-bands have pure news.

The channel opted for a clean look and pleasant feel by avoiding unnecessary animation in its graphics on screen.

While the channel puts the news in its original form, it multiplies the relevance of the news for its viewers by telling the impact of the news on the common man.